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The annex development portal

The Annex is under increasing pressure from new projects that could fundamentally change the traffic patterns, land uses, built form, and underlying fabric of our neighbourhood. The Planning and Development Committee of the Annex Residents’ Association (ARA) monitors the ongoing development activity and, if necessary, intervenes with developers when projects or renovations might affect the integrity and quality of life in the Annex. It has also created this Annex Planning Portal to monitor local development projects, tell our residents about them and seek their views. We believe that an informed community will lead to more stable relations with developers, City Hall and other stakeholders and that this will result in better outcomes. You can make your voice heard on major projects and other community initiatives by clicking on a red dot or using this link to send us an email. The ARA’s Planning and Development Committee will update this site monthly, and will soon add Committee of Adjustment Applications. The Annex Planning Portal is just one of the ways the Annex Residents’ Association works to ensure the Annex remains a healthy and vibrant neighborhood that benefits both families and individuals.


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