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About the ARA

The Annex Residents’ Association has been serving the people of the Annex since 1925. It is a purely volunteer organization committed to improving and preserving the distinctive character of our neighbourhood that is contained within the area bound by the major arteries of Avenue Road, Bathurst, Bloor, and Dupont.

The year 1967 was a turning point for us when a coalition of activists, prominently led by the urbanist, Jane Jacobs, mobilized against the Spadina expressway. This highway was poised to cut a swath right through the Annex, bulldozing homes and bisecting the neighbourhood as it rammed its way forward to link up with the Gardiner. The activists’ campaign was so successful that the expressway was stopped in 1971 by the provincial government.

Since then, the ARA has worked to preserve our heritage properties, to create welcoming green spaces and parks, and to foster a strong community spirit. The strength of the ARA depends on its base of support in a well-informed community. So we welcome you to  join us and take part in any of our committees and initiatives.




Planning and Development

Parks, Trees and Environment

Community Safety and BIAs

Road Safety and Transportation

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